Just like other factories in Genemuiden, the origins of Timzo are found in the cultivation of rushes. In the 1960’s, the first steps were taken towards the production of tufted carpet and progressed through the years to producing wool carpet and wool blends (so called Berbers). This product was very popular through to the mid 1980’s until the demand decreased.
Lead by the 3rd generation Timmerman, a new direction was established.
Wim Timmerman recognised early the future possibilities of carpet made of 100% polypropylene. Step by step, and within 10 years, Timzo had achieved the ultimate goal of total vertical integration. The factory now has an ultra modern yarn factory with 3 Rieter extruders , and 12 Dietze & Schell air-entangling machines used for further yarn refinement. The carpet factory has 11 high tech tufting machines finished off by a state of the art Campen backing line installed in 2000.
Today, Timzo is equipped with the most up to date technology for tomorrow’s market.

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Last updated: 29-03-2020